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Since the Baltimore Orioles are in their off season hiatus, the Ravens have flown into the spotlight. Their latest game against the Jaguar’s had them looking like they were asleep in the nest. If it was not for the late touchdown the scored in the game, they would have amassed an incomprehensible 56 years. You could say that the Jaguar’s stomped and kicked them into defeat. They scored a field goal in each quarter to top the Ravens. Time will tell if the Ravens have a problem or this game was a fluke. After all, they average 330 yards a game. That is a far cry from 56. It doesn’t help your cause when you can’t get a first down until the third quarter.

The defense lived up to its billing of being first in the league in points allowed and first in yards allowed per game. They allow 13 points and The Jags scored 12. They also allowed only 205 yards to Jacksonville when they allow an average of 272 yards a game. Hopefully, the Raven offense will get out of their slumber in the nest and show up for the next game. If they do they should be able to defeat the Arizona Cardinals who have only scored one victory thus far this year.

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